Health is wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul; their alignment with one another is the art of living well.


Wisdom is understanding of the self, others, and the nature of things; it is essential to  living as if everything is a miracle.
Health is wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul; their alignment with one another is the art of living well.


Wisdom is understanding of the self, others, and the nature of things; it is essential to  living as if everything is a miracle.

Hair loss has to do with age and gender. Men tend to lose their hair more and sooner than women do. The average adult loses as many as 100 strands of hair per day. This is true whether you are a man or a woman.

But the amount of hair lost per unit time can vary significantly in each individual due to diet, illness, stress, as well as other physiological and mental factors. That is to say, the food you eat, the stress you experience, and the emotional trauma you undergo may contribute to the severity of your hair loss.

The good news is that the hair replacement rate may even exceed the rate of hair loss. So, don't be over-concerned when you find strands of hair on your comb, or in the bathtub after your shampoo. You are not going bald anytime soon!

The bad news is that the replacement process declines as the aging process proceeds. In the aging process, hair loss does occur in both men and women. By age 50, hair loss affects more than half of men and one-quarter of women.

How does hair loss occur?

The aging process affects groups of cells within your hair follicles. These cells are responsible for the production of hair-shaft proteins that give your hair the color and the texture of normal human hair. Hair loss occurs when these protein-manufacturing cells are destroyed or deactivated.

The male-patterned baldness, however, is a totally different type of baldness: it is a genetic problem, which is not age-related. The genes simply tell the hair follicles to make delicate hair, instead of normal coarse hair. In other words, the hair has become so delicate that it is almost invisible to the human eye, and hence the perception of baldness. If you have this type genetic problem, going bald seems inevitable, and there is not much you can do about it, except hair transplant.

In women, hair loss causes the hair to thin all over the head.

The root of the hair loss problem is due to the male hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which are present in both men and women. They simply cause hair growth to stop.

Other than the genetic male-patterned baldness, you can reduce the rate of hair loss due to aging through your diet. The typical Standard American Diet (SAD), loaded with high fat, high animal protein, and high salt, creates too much acidic blood, which is not conducive to hair growth. Watch what you eat, if you think you are going bald. An acid-alkaline diet is the optimum diet because it balances your body chemistry through a balanced acid and alkaline level.

Another cause of hair loss is your thyroid disorder, which may upset the balance of hormones in your body. A healthy thyroid diet may prevent thyroid disorder that often comes with age.

Interestingly, as you age, you may grow hair -- maybe in the wrong places. For example, men may have coarser and longer eyebrows, or in the inner surface of their outer ears; women, on the other hand, may develop facial hair, especially on their chins, due to hormonal changes that come with age.

For more information on how to stop hair loss, go to Hair Loss No More.

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In this day and age, you are daily ingesting a great deal of toxins into your body through the food you eat. In addition, if you regularly take prescribed medications from your doctor or over-the-counter drugs, you have loaded toxic chemicals into your body. Always look for alternatives to dangerous drugs.

To detoxify, the best way is to fast on a regular basis. But you may like the idea. Another alternative is to take a detox shake.

Put 3 tablespoons of whole flax seed, juice of 1 whole lemon, and 1 tablespoon of ground milk thistle into 1 cup of water, and drink it on an empty stomach. Get your detox shake 2-3 times a week for internal cleansing.


Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? Do you want the vision of an eagle's?

Drink this eye smoothie every morning on an empty stomach, and do not eat at least for an hour after the smoothie.

The eye smoothie is simple to make: an apple, a small potato, a carrot, a medium tomato; put all ingredients in a blender, and drink immediately.

You can drink this eye smoothie in place of your breakfast. It not only gives you nutrients but also improves your vision.

If you have just started wearing reading glasses, you can dispense them within a few months. If you have been wearing them for a while, you may need some good eye exercises. Go to:
Vision Self-Healing Self-Help.

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A healthy body means there is balance in acid and alkaline in the body.

Alkalizing medicinal plants:

Black currant fruits are a good source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, including an omega-6 fatty acid to increase blood flow, to decrease blood clotting, and to reduce inflammation (often a source of many types of body pain).

Black currant seed oil is especially good for rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties in decreasing the morning stiffness in the joints. According to the British Journal of Rheumatology, black currant oil is effective because of a reduction in the secretion of the inflammatory cytokines (a source of inflammation). Black currant seed oil is also beneficial to cardiovascular disease due to the presence of its omega-6 fatty acids. Black currant seed oil helps reduce the severity of menstrual cramps due to the anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids.

According to the Skin Study Center in Philadelphia, black currant seed oil helps with dry skin disorders. The gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) in black currant protects against water loss that contributes to itching and other symptoms associated with dry skin.

Burdock is a plant native to Asia and Europe, which has become available to all parts of the world. Ancient Chinese and Indian herbalists used burdock to treat respiratory infections, abscesses, and joint pain. The root of burdock is the primary source of most herbal preparations. The Japanese eat burdock root as a vegetable.

Cranberry has been in use since the Iron Age, but the Romans were the first to recognize its medicinal values. Cranberry contains anti-asthmatic compounds, and is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Scientific studies have shown cranberry to be effective in helping to prevent or eliminate urinary tract infections. This berry is useful in fighting yeast infections, as well as kidney stones and chronic kidney inflammation. According to a study reported at the 2006 International Association for Dental Research's 84th General Session & Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia, the antioxidant properties of cranberry help fight dental plaque.

Alkalizing energy boosters

Alkalizing energy boosters to balance acid-alkaline levels include the following:

Spirulina is a green alga, rich in chlorophyll, containing the highest protein and beta-carotene levels of all green super foods. It is one of the highest known vegetable sources of B-12, minerals, trace elements, cell salts, amino acids, DNA and RNA, and enzymes. Spirulina helps with digestion, elimination, detoxification, internal cleansing, tissue repair, skin problems, healing, and prevention of degenerative disease. It also promotes longevity. Spirulina is useful in weight-control diets because its high nutritional value helps to satisfy the hidden hunger of deficiencies.

Blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of iron and calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. It can even reverse your gray hair due to its copper content.

Make a healthy drink with a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses (mixed in some hot water first) and ¾ cup of soymilk with some ice.

Cod liver oil comes from fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines; it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, and essential omega 3 oils. It enhances the absorption of calcium and maintains a constant level of blood calcium. Cod liver oil improves brain functions and the nervous system. In 2005, researchers at the University of California reported that Vitamin D might lower the risk of developing different types of cancers, cutting in half the chances of getting breast, ovarian, or colon cancer.

Alkaline supplements

Alkaline supplements may also be taken to balance the acid-alkaline levels. Alkaline supplements should contain calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), silica and copper, and other minerals to aid de-acidification of your body. More importantly, they should contain every mineral in similar proportion to that found in the human body.

If you wish to be younger and healthier for longer, you must maintain your acid-alkaline balance in your body.

Get your Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet.

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“If His ways could be explained or understood,
the Creator would no longer be infinite.
If He had a name or an identity,
the Creator would no longer be eternal.

Being infinite and eternal,
the Creator is the origin of all things.
Once given a name and an identity,
mankind is only the source of all things.

Ever humble, we see the mysteries of all things created.
Ever proud, we see only the manifestations of all things created.

Only the mysteries, and not the manifestations,
show us the Way to true wisdom.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 1)

In daily living, try not to explain why certain things happen, or do not happen-especially according to your own wish. Instead, obey and trust your Creator. Without that trust and obedience, there is no good communication, and hence no enlightenment.

After all, you are not in control of your own fate and destiny.

If the Creator has no identity, why should you strive to create one for yourself?

An identity is no more than an ego-self that separates and distinguishes you from others-which is essentially pride.

With pride, you see more of yourself and less of others.

With humility, instead of pride, you may see things quite differently: more of the Creator, and less of yourself.

Live your everyday life not just for yourself, but also for others as well. Live a life of love and compassion to become a better and happier individual, being more connected with others. In any life situation, if you have to choose between “being nice” or “being right”, always choose “being nice."

The TAO of Living for Life

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This book looks at the reasons why prayers are seldom answered; not from the perspectives of Biblical or spiritual wisdom, but from the perspectives of human wisdom, more specifically, from the TAO wisdom, which is the profound wisdom of the ancient sage Lao Tzu from China more than 2,600 years ago. Irrespective of whether you pray or not, understanding why prayers are seldom answered may provide a blueprint for your daily life and living in a toxic world so that you may survive and live as if everything is a miracle. Click here for more.