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Eye Relaxation for Your Better Vision

Vision is about the eye. It is all about what you see, or how well you see. Healthy vision gives you sensation, perception, and conception. Your life depends on your eyes. In short, healthy vision gives you all the raw materials for living for life.

Do some simple things to relax eyes for better vision.

Shifting: Train the eye to look from one object to another frequently, from a close object to a distant one, and then back again in order to relieve tension and eyestrain, which impair vision. Reinforce shifting with constant blinking to clean and to rest the eye.

Tracing the “8” eye exercise

Sit comfortably in a relaxed posture.
Consciously breathe in and breathe out through your nose until you attain a natural rhythm.
Imagine the figure “8” in the distance.
Let your eyes trace along the imaginary figure without moving your head.

First, trace it in one direction, and then in the opposite direction.

You can modify the exercise by imagining other alphabets and figures. The objective of this exercise, in addition to promoting relaxation and flexibility, is to train your eyes to consciously shift when focusing on an object in the distance.

You can do this when stopping in front of the traffic light, or when you look away from your computer screen. Do this anytime, and just be conscious of it.

The Taoist squeeze-and-open eye exercise

This ancient Chinese exercise developed by Taoist monks thousands of years ago increases blood circulation to the eyes, prevents watery eyes, and alkalizes the eyes to detoxify the liver. It removes eyestrain and soothes eye-muscle tension.

Inhale slowly, while squeezing your eyes tightly for 10 seconds.

Then, slowly exhale your breath, making the sh-h-h-h-h sound, while opening your eyes wide.

Repeat as many times, and as often as required to cleanse the eyes and the liver.

Again, you can do this anytime.

TIPS: Always be aware of the BLINKING and SHIFTING of your eyes. Avoid STARING and EYE-FIXATION. It is just that simple.

Stephen Lau
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