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          Natural Treatments of Cough

Cough is a natural way to clear the throat of phlegm and other irritants from the throat and nasal passage. It is the immune system's natural response to produce histamines to react to the resultant inflammation. Therefore, you should use natural treatments, instead of cough drops or other over-the-counter medications.

Some of these natural treatments may include the following:

(1) A hot drink of honey, herbal tea, and lemon -- drink it as often as necessary to clear and soothe your throat.

(2) Drink warm fortified milk; it has probiotics (good bacteria) to keep your gut healthy, if you experience stomach upset from your cough.

(3) Eat fresh pineapples (not the canned ones); they have enzymes to loosen the mucus.

(4) Drink herbal tea, such as thyme, and peppermint leaves,

(5) Gargle warm water with salt upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed. If you could tolerate the saltiness, even drink a few mouthfuls.

(6) Make black pepper and honey tea. Black pepper is a natural remedy to prevent cough and cold during the winter season, because it loosens the phlegm. In addition, black pepper has many other health benefits, including improving memory and cognitive functioning, helping with breathing, enhancing skin health, and even preventing cancer and heart problems (black pepper is a potent antioxidant).

This is how you  can make your black pepper and honey tea:

Boil some hot water and make your favorite tea. Add a few black pepper seeds (crushed) -- another option is to use a pinch of black pepper powder -- and honey. Simmer it for 10-15 minutes, and drink it.

Drink black pepper and honey tea regularly to keep yourself healthy, especially throughout the winter.

TIPS: Natural health requires natural remedies. All pharmaceutical drugs are toxic chemicals. They may stop the symptoms temporarily, but they damage health over the long haul, and thus leading to the recurrence of symptoms, and the vicious cycle of needing more medications.

Stephen Lau
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