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             Healthy Morning Rituals

The Benefits of Rituals

Rituals have many benefits, including the subliminal suggestion of continuity and perseverance.

Morning Rituals

Research studies have shown that most heart attacks occur in the morning due to the sudden changes from sleep to wakefulness.

The TAO Wake-up rituals

Follow the ancient Chinese Taoist monks’ rituals of waking up to have a clear mind and a healthy body:

(1) Use your fingertips to massage your ears, eyes, lips, and nose.

(2) Gently tap your scalp with your hands.

(3) With a continual stroking action, massage your shoulders, elbows, hands, chest, abdomen, knees and feet.

(4) With your palms, massage your lower back.

(5) Then inhale vigorously through your nose, and exhale forcefully through your mouth several times in order to rid your body of toxins.

Wake-up stretches

In addition, do some "wake-up" stretches before you get up to “awaken” body and your senses, thereby instrumental in preventing aches and pains in your body. Dr. Robert Oexman, director of the Sleep to Live Institute, also stressed the importance of stretching your back before getting up: "The greatest incidence of slipped discs occurs within 30 to 60 minutes after we wake up."

(1) Extend your arms over your head and extend your legs as far as possible, as evidenced by the stretch in the tips of your fingers and toes.

(2) Meanwhile, inhale deeply through your nose.

(3) Then breathe out deeply and slowly while drawing your arms down along the side your body with your palms facing up. You will feel full relaxation in your legs. Repeat the stretches several times to energize as well as to relax your body.

Also, do a single or double knee hug:

(1) Bring your knee into your chest.

(2) Massage your hip joint by moving your leg in circles in both directions.

(3) Repeat with the other knee.

(4) Finally, hug both knees into your chest, raising your nose to your knees as much as possible.

(5) Now relax your body and let your knees fall gently down to either side.

(6) Repeat the whole process several times for stretch and relaxation.

Healthy Morning Saliva

Make your own healthy morning saliva. Go to: Healthy saliva.

Sesame Oil Mouth Rinse

Use warm sesame oil for oral hygiene, instead of the harsh commercial mouthwash. Sesame oil, helps purify your colon as well as improve your digestion. Sesame oil is especially good for removing harmful bacteria from your mouth and preventing gum disease. Research studies have shown that swishing and gargling oil is best for gum disease and cavity for better oral health. In addition, sesame oil has the benefits of strengthening your jaws, preventing cracked lips and sore throat.

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